Beef NoodleWhen Claire and I lived in SF this summer, we went to a Taiwanese restaurant called Ma Ma Chen’s Kitchen. The owner and the founder is a Taiwanese old lady, who also attends to River of Life Church. There are so many tasty Taiwanese snacks. Claire thought about her mom immediately. Because her mom is good chief too. She cooked a lot of tasty food for us. We asked her to open a restaurant all the time. During Claire’s pregnancy, her mom made a lot of dishes according to Claire’s appetite and according to the nutrition. I’d like to show all the good food that Claire’s mom made just in case when we are having the second one without her mom’s help, I could do it too. Hah~ By the way, thank you mom for taking good care of my wife.

The picture on right is the Beef Noodle that she made today. I believe everything is organic except the noodle. And the noodle is called the Shandong Noodle made in Taiwan. Hah~

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