The name discussion is continuing. It is really hard to find an English name, which both our parents (non-English speakers) could pronounce easily; and with good meaning; and with Claire’s approval.
Girl’s name is easier to choose. Claire already had some ideas. She really likes Lillian, Olivia, and Sophia. I like all of them except Lillian has the ending syllable like my last name. So when they are together, “Lillian Yan” sounds really odd. So we agreed to change Lillian to Lillia.
Selecting boy’s name is not so lucky. There was only one name that we all loved, which is “Caleb”. But we recently found out it means “resembling a dog”. That was really disappointed. We got some other options like Gabriel, which might be hard for our parents to pronounce. Then we found a name Dawson, which means “the son of David”. The meaning is really fit. But neither Claire nor me like that name.
I started to think creatively after a long time search. Our boy’s Chinese name will be 宇诺, which means universal promise literally. So I thought about the word “cosmos” immediately. What if we put “cosmos” and “promise” together, that would be “Cosmosses”, which sounds pretty cool. Hah~ I know my wife won’t like this. So before I presented this name to her, I said “don’t hit me when you hear my next option…” And she gave me a face that I don’t even want to continue. We’ll, “Cosmosses” aborted.
Since I have been preparing my GRE recently, I thought there must be some good words with good meaning could possibly be our baby’s name in my GRE vocabulary book. So I started flip around that book. I found “coup” pronounce like “cool”, which means “unexpected successful action”. Wow~ what a perfect fit I thought. Lol~ When I dig it a little bit deeper. I found the main meaning of coup is “stroke of state”. Well, I don’t want my son to challenge my authority. It seems like this “coup” attempts failed.
Boy boy boy~ We will probably just leave your name empty or maybe just call you “boy” or “guy” like the guy in movie “Croods”. We thought give a birth would be hard. However, finding a name is harder. Hah~ just kidding. I pray that God will provide a perfect name for our baby or just provide us a girl. Then, problem solved.

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