We went to a Chinese restaurant on Thursday, Claire got a fortune that says “Success is on its way to you.” Even that we don’t believe any fortune telling, but it’s always good to hear some good words. And especially during this time. We all believe if there’s a success on it’s way to us, it’s gonna be our baby. I pray that this baby will be a success to our family and to God’s kingdom. I pray that God will use him even from now to be a good baby so that my wife won’t suffer to much.

We went to another Chinese restaurant today. I got a fortune that says “He who loves you will follow you”. I thought about God immediately after I got this one. I know that God will never leave me alone. He will protect me, help me and be with me all the time. But it seems like I AM the one who need to FOLLOW Him, but not another way around. So I thought about this “he” could be my little baby-to-be. Because he will love me and I believe he will follow me wherever I go. Hah~

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