I took my dear wife and my unborn baby to watch the newest Disney movie Frozen today. Disney is my wife’s dream place. She loves everything in Disney. We even had Mickey and Minnie as our wedding cake top piece. After the movie Frozen, She fall in love with the new character Elsa. It sounds really like my wife’s sister’s name, which is Elsye. And my wife love the sound of that name. After she investigated online, she found the meaning of Elsa is “oath of God” from Hebrew. And the English meaning is “my God is bountiful or God of plenty.” That made my wife loved it even more. So she decided to name our baby girl Elsa. I know my wife is crazy about Disney. And I love the meaning of that name too. But really? You wanna name your baby after a cartoon character? Hah~

Well, dear baby, this is your mom. What I can do is just pray that you will like Disney just like your mom does if you are a girl. Hah~

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